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Import Export Documentation

Objective: To enable participants prepare import export documents for shipping according to the correct procedure. After completing this course, participants will be able to: • Understand import export procedure • Prepare import export documents • Learn the INCOTERMS

Digital Marketing For International Trade

Market your able to: products and services internationally using digital marketing techniques.

Stock Market For Beginners

This course equips participants with practical skills for analyzing, trading, brokering, and investing in stock markets. Topics include understanding market dynamics, executing transactions, crafting investment strategies, and navigating regulations. Upon completion, participants receive a Certificate of Achievement and the opportunity to earn a Capital Market Internationally Recognized Certification through examination with our partner, CFI.COURSE STRUCTURE   Module 1: Introduction to stock market and capital market in Ethiopia   Module 2: Stock market terminologies and charts  Module 3: Creating an account for stock market trading  Module 4: Buying and selling of stocks   Module 5: Risk analysis in stock marke Module 6: Case study and practical sessions

Coffee Business Sustainability Training

To enable trainees to implement traceability and sustainability standards of coffee production.

About Trade Ethiopia

TradeEthiopia is one of the leading business to business connecting company in Africa with numerous happy clients in local, regional, and international trade including import export businesses. Our company have successfully interlinked more than 20,000 businesses, 8,000 products and services from over 30 countries worldwide. Our dynamic, and talented multi - national team, stationed in and out of Ethiopia are calibrated forces for the next generation cross border trade demands.

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Our business school TESBINN is a unique academy that is tailored and working to empower local and international business communities. TESBINN has a great track record and success story in providing international trade related short courses. So far, our institute have delivered trainings to more than 1000 attendees both in person and online. Our training customers are our testimonials for the best training value that we are giving, and our trainees are our business networks. Enroll now and get the best of international business skills!

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Best option for personal Development.

ETB 6,617/Course
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  • Team size: 1 Person
  • Premium support: 6 months
  • Online course Access: 12 months
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ETB 5,955/Course
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What our Students Say

Explore the whole collection of Business Courses for international Trade, Here are what previous student say about us.

Bonnie Avatar


Entrepreneur, Intermdiaries

I have acquired substantial knowledge about international trade, encompassing rules, regulations, and procedural intricacies.

Jese Avatar


CEO, MAYS Aluminum Eng.

The International Import-Export Course exceeded my expectations and proved to be exceptionally practical.

Michael Avatar


AfroTrade PLC

The training will bridge the gap, providing you with a clear pathway to initiate your journey in import-export and digital marketing.

Sofia Avatar


Abel Trading PLC

The training center and its facilities are exceptional, and the instructors are highly proficient in the subject matter. I've gained a wealth of knowledge, especially in digital marketing.